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Support for Landowners, Farmers, Local Authorities

Our Work


Achieving a success rate of over 90%

"Part of what underpins out success rate is that we understand the intricacies associated with making robust arguments to ensure that relevant planning policies, both local and national, are fully met.  Working for local authorities, landowners and third party objectors gives us the ability to view arguments from every perspective – drawing out the strengths and weaknesses in all proposals."


Work for Landowners and Farmers

Bourne Rural understands what matters need to be dealt with as part of any rural planning application. It ensures that clients are kept fully informed of the strengths and weaknesses of their case so they have the soundest possible basis on which to make decisions.
Its goal is excellence in all it does, focusing only on its core areas of expertise, operating as a true specialist.  

In the last twelve months it has secured planning permission for a variety of projects including:

  • Certificate of Lawful Use in relation to the commercial use of agricultural buildings (Essex)

  • permanent worker’s dwelling to support a large cattle unit (Buckinghamshire)

  • temporary dwelling to support an equestrian stud and viticulture activity (Sussex)

  • Certificate of Lawful Use for commercial use of a residential outbuilding (Hampshire)

  • buildings to support a poultry enterprise – retrospective (Gloucestershire)

  • hay/straw storage barn (South Downs National Park)

  • permanent dwelling for an equestrian worker at a stud and remedial farriery (Oxfordshire)

Other current projects include: a new cattle yard (of more than 5,000m²), a permanent dwelling to support an existing suckler herd enterprise, the relocation of a dairy farm in a conservation area in the Cotswolds, a new sheep dairy yard to include a temporary workers dwelling in Sussex and a number of proposals for permanent workers dwellings to support existing cattle, sheep and poultry enterprises in Sussex and Oxfordshire.  Jill has been involved in more than 450 applications for rural workers' dwellings.


Planning Appeals

Bourne Rural works hard at achieving success at planning application stage ensuring  there is strong dialogue between themselves and the local authority. On the rare occasion that an application is refused, Bourne Rural is able to provide robust support to clients throughout the appeal process.  

Clients also instruct Bourne Rural at the appeal stage to ensure they are provided with the most robust argument possible to support their arguments at appeal.  

Advice is also available on planning enforcement issues.

Local Authority Work

Bourne Rural is the retained agricultural and equestrian advisor for both Chiltern and Wycombe District Councils. It is regularly consulted on planning applications for agricultural and equestrian developments by local authorities in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, West Sussex and Greater London. The assessments it provides are robust and comprehensive and it has considerable experience of working alongside local authority teams, ensuring that all aspects of applications and appeals are dealt with during assessment.

Training for Local Authorities, Farmers and Landowners

Bourne Rural also organise training courses and roundtable discussions for local authorities.  It is currently working alongside Barrister Scott Stemp of No5 Chambers to provide additional training for local authorities on agricultural permitted development, costs applications at appeal and Class Q (agricultural to residential) applications.  This collaboration ensures the training has both a strong practical and legal background.

If you would like us to organise a similar event for your organisation, whether you are a local authority or a farmer or landowner, then please contact us.

Jill Scrivener, MD of Bourne Rural, has recently produced a Guide (at the request of the South Downs National Park Authority) on permitted development rights for farmers, including those based in National Parks.

Bourne Rural is a specialist rural planning business that provides expert advice and opinion to landowners and farmers and local authorities. It applies the same determination and results driven approach to every client big or small.