Bourne Rural Planning Consultancy LTD


Results. Experience. Diligence.


Jill Scrivener, MD Bourne Rural

Jill is one of the UK’s leading independent consultants specialising in agricultural and rural land use planning issues. She has extensive experience in the industry and prior to setting up Bourne Rural was Director of Planning with Reading Agricultural Consultants. 

Currently the Vice Chairman of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants (BIAC), Jill was also Chairman from 2014-2016.  She is also a member of the Agricultural Law Association.

Because of her eye for detail and well informed approach, Jill is regularly called upon to be an expert witness at planning hearings and public inquiries. She is a team player in every sense.

One of her key strengths is that prior to working as a consultant in private practice, she was involved in practical agriculture and owned a mixed livestock farm producing and rearing cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry, which means she has additional insight into the issues faced by clients. She also has twenty-five years’ experience of owning and caring for horses.

‘Jill has an eagle eye for detail, an ability to cut through to what’s most important and a strategic and lateral way of approaching issues.’ 

Bourne Rural also offers clients access to a wide hub of trusted experts all of whom can be consulted as and when required. 


Bourne Rural is a specialist rural planning business that provides expert advice and opinion to landowners and farmers and local authorities. It applies the same determination and results driven approach to every client big or small.